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Acquisitions & Sales

Landmark View Inc. specializes in acquiring and relinquishing control of real property and assets. In addition to the execution of the transaction, we are sought after for our knowledgeable site selection and financial modeling. Further more our proven track record of strategic planning; ability to identify & analyze acquisition opportunities, and skillful negotiating has set us apart from other firms.

Landmark View Inc. considers a number of various factors prior to securing any property, which includes financing, development & construction hurdles, as well as current & future market conditions and demands.

Development & Entitlement

Landmark View Inc. has an outstanding reputation for land planning, entitlement, and other various development services, on behalf of investors, clients and its own portfolio. Each project is analyzed for its physical limitations, environmental impact, and market demand. Transactions are then carefully structured to reflect these relationships.

Formal procedures govern the setting of objectives and budget for each project. Throughout the development process, concern for and sensitivity to the issue of quality are maintained. 

Investment & Financial Services

The investment of properties is undertaken on a highly selective basis, and only after meticulous analysis of the risk profiles and profit potential are determined.

Once an investment has commenced, our comprehensive services of development, building, marketing, and managing of properties, has enabled Landmark View Inc. to enact itself at every stage of the operation that degree of control necessary to insure optimum performance.

Construction & Property Management

Landmark View Inc. employs its own construction crews and supervisory personnel, minimizing subcontractor activity and greatly tightening control of quality and efficiency of the project.

Projects are also managed "in house." The ability to perform all leasing, renting, and management functions enables Landmark View Inc. to make the most of its options, and thereby maximizing return on investment for all parties associated with the project. 

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