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About Us


Landmark View inc. is a full service real estate development company that has compiled over three decades of outstanding success in the creation of investment properties. The company's projects have included multi-family housing complexes both for sale and rental, shopping centers, offices, multi-use commercial & residential buildings, adaptive re-use projects, specialty housing such as senior housing and assisted living facilities, as well as luxury and affordable single family residences. Undergirding the company's success are the experience and knowledge of its officers, the unusual combination of their talents, and their singular dedication to the detail of their projects. Our core principles remain our foundation.

Core Principles: 

  • Develop real estate projects, which speak to the human spirit.
  • Exceed the expectations of our customers, employees, investors, lenders and others with whom we work with.
  • Build with the highest standards of workmanship and quality materials without compromise.
  • Respect the environment in our role as caretaker for the future generations.
  • Maximize the return on investment while minimizing risk.

The product of these factors is a comprehensive package of services that characterizes Landmark View's operation. Landmark View Inc. develops, builds, markets, and manages its properties, thus reserving to itself at every stage of the operation that degree of control necessary to insure optimum performance. By maximizing profits through this integrated approach, Landmark View has demonstrated superior performance through all the fluctuations the investment real estate market has experienced over the past three decades.

Our real estate services include:

  • Site Acquisition
  • Property Analysis
  • Profitability and Risk Evaluation
  • Entitlements
  • Site planning
  • Architectural & Engineering Plans
  • ​Financing & Raising of Capital
  • Construction Services
  • Project Branding & Marketing
  • Property Management
  • Sales
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